Finding the perfect horse
Shopping for your perfect horse should be an amazing experience. We have years of experience that allows our concierge service to meet your needs and with access to our worldwide network we are sure to have THE best possible horses for you.

We would like to help you find your perfect horse based on your riding level, your goals, and your budget. For buyers we have several options for selecting the perfect horse.

We have a sales barn in Southwest Ranches, FL near the Fort Lauderdale and Miami airports where our sales horses can be tried stateside. In case we don’t have the perfect match we also have partner stables in Wellington and can connect to a larger network of horses from trusted sellers.

We have a trusted team in Europe which allows us to always be scouting for the best horses on the market. This access is shared with our clients for an optimum shopping experience.

For our clients interested in importing a horse we have 3 great options:

1) We will scout horses, travel to see them, try them and make custom videos for you. Based on this information you can choose the horse that is best for you.
2) You join us on this adventure! Fly over with Kati or have one of our partners pick you up at the airport and join the fun. You can be part of the process – we will travel though out the area trying horses together to narrow it down to the perfect one.
3) First, we scout and then you fly in to try the top selection.

(If you would like our help to set up a trip but would like to bring your own trainer that is welcomed by us too! We are happy to help with any steps of this process!)

The perks: we are pros at this! Let us handle the headaches of traveling. From the moment you arrive we’ve got all the details covered! We will have an itinerary planned, hotels booked and restaurant reservations made! Let us handle the details so you can enjoy the trip! Also, Kati and her team are all bi or tri lingual so no worries there either.


The next steps are all about continued due diligence. While most of the horses that we represent are thoroughly prepurchased in advance, it is always a good idea to consult your vet at home and do any other necessary exams. We will set up the appointments and have a representative present.

Once the horses has been tried, vetted and passed all exams we move on to the purchase and import process. The paperwork is all in English and funds can be wired. Once this is complete our team will manage the set up of all transportation needed from the horses’ current location to your stable.
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